Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Two things: it’s a source for casual, fun recipes, with a new one sent to your email inbox every Tuesday, and more to access on the site anytime. It’s also a source for information about me, Tori Ritchie, and my cookbooks, TV shows, and classes.

Why send recipes on Tuesday?

To avoid overloading your email box on Monday while still giving you a headstart on the week. Plus, Tuesday Recipe has the same initials I do.

Does this cost me anything?

Nope! The weekly recipes are free, access to the website is free.

Can I forward Tuesday Recipe to friends?

Yes, please do. I want to build a community of people who like to cook like us, who appreciate a good homemade meal.

Can I get off the mailing list?

Well, I’ll be sad if you do, but yes—you can hit the unsubcribe button.

Who is Tori Ritchie anyway?

I’m a San Francisco–based cooking teacher and cookbook author. Read my bio if you want to know more. And here’s how to reach me: