burrata with olive oil

4 to 6    |   
Prep Time:
5 minutes

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burrata with olive oil

You don’t really need a recipe for this and that’s why it’s the perfect appetizer. Burrata is a fresh cow’s milk mozzarella with a creamy center and it’s rich, mild and outrageously delicious on its own, but really comes to life with a drizzle of good olive oil and a showering of pepper. Arrange it on a platter with sliced bread and fresh and smashed shelled peas, if you please.


1 burrata cheese (such as diStefano or Gioia)
extra-virgin olive oil
freshly ground black pepper
sliced bread or crackers


Remove burrata from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before serving so it has time to come to room temperature; that’s when it tastes best. Remove from package and place the burrata on a plate. With a knife, slash an “X” in the top to open the cheese’s creamy center. Pour a little olive oil into the open top; it should spill over the sides like a volcano. Sprinkle some freshly ground pepper on top. To eat, spread the cheese on bread or crackers and close your eyes in ecstasy.