fall fig favorites

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fall fig favorites

I am crazy for figs. Just look at them. They are like art, each one a mini sculpture. In the Bay Area, we are lucky enough to have Black Mission figs in markets everywhere now (and some people literally have them falling off trees in their yard). So I figured it was time for a pick of the best Tuesday Recipe fig dishes, which can be made with any variety:

~ Pair them with burrata and olive oil. Yes, it’s even better than the tomato version.

~ Belt them with prosciutto and warm them in the broiler. World’s easiest fancy appetizer.

~ Roast them with orange juice and serve over ice cream.

~ For the truly ambitious, make fresh fig newtons (a weekend project!).

Get cracking on those fig recipes — and by the way, a fig is at ultimate sweetness when it is slightly cracked on the surface like that beauty above in the bowl. Get ready to fig pluck!