dark & stormy

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It was a dark and stormy night…the boys were on the field, Hurricane Sandy was spinning towards the East Coast and I was clutching one of these. I’m happy to say the boys — that would be the SF Giants — brought the trophy home, but I’m sorry that Sandy did what she did. Now Halloween is upon us and a Dark & Stormy cocktail seems appropriate, especially if you stick a fall apple slice in it and call it a FrankenStormy (thank you Fiona Dorst) in honor of all the brave and resilient East Coasters.


1 jigger (1-1/2 oz) or more dark rum (see note)
ginger beer preferably Bundaberg (regular or diet)
apple slices


Fill a cocktail glass with ice, pour in rum, fill to rim with ginger beer then float an apple slice or two on top. Drink up.

note: the rum of choice is Gosling’s Black Seal, but Myer’s is a handy sub. I’ve tried many ginger beers and Bundaberg sinks them all…it’s the best. Don’t be tempted to use ginger ale. It’s too wimpy.