celery, garbanzo & feta salad

2 to 4    |   
Prep Time:
10 minutes

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This is a something-out-of-nothing salad: you may have most of the ingredients on hand. Put it next to roast chicken, stuff into warm flour tortillas or pita for a variation on Mediterranean flatbread, or mix with tuna for a stylish lunch. You can also add any fresh herbs that are loitering in your fridge: parsley, dill, basil, and mint are all good. And if you have a cucumber, add it or use it instead of celery. Any which way, it’s very healthy. And, possibly, even free.


15-oz can garbanzo beans, drained
4 outer stalks celery
2 green onions
1 large Meyer or regular lemon
extra-virgin olive oil
1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese
kosher salt
freshly ground pepper


Rinse the drained beans under cold water in a colander until the water runs clear (this gets rid of excess salt, even in “low-sodium” brands). Shake the colander to dry the beans and set them aside.

Trim ends and tops off celery stalks, then slice stalks lengthwise in half or thirds, depending how wide they are. Thinly slice crosswise. Trim roots off green onions, slice onions in half lengthwise, then thinly slice crosswise (use most of the green tops, too). Put sliced celery and onions in a medium bowl. Stir in beans.

Cut lemon in half and squeeze each half in your hand directly over the vegetables, letting the juice drain through your fingers and leaving the seeds behind in your palm (or juice the lemon and pour juice over veggies). Add 3 tablespoons olive oil and feta and stir well. Taste and add more olive oil as needed; season with salt and pepper. Serve salad, or refrigerate for up to an hour, covered. Taste and correct seasoning again before serving.