TV Shows & Videos

TV Shows & Videos

For many years I hosted a show on Food Network called Ultimate Kitchens. I got to hang out with chefs and avid home cooks, including cool people like Jerry Rice, all over the country. I even made an appearance on The Oprah Show (wow, was I nervous for that one).

I also love to teach cooking on TV and online. Here are a few segments and a how-to video of how to do a live cooking demo of healthy recipes:

How to Do a Live Cooking Demo

Cutting Up in the Kitchen with Mangoes

Sauteed Scallops with Tarragon and Peas 

Curried Rice Pilaf with Lentils and Sauteed Onions 

And here’s a taste of a reality show/webisode series I did that pits nine great home cooks against one another to win a complete Jenn-Air kitchen:

In the Kitchen with Tori Ritchie: Sara

In the Kitchen with Tori Ritchie: Andrew

For many years, I hosted the 5-Minute Cooking School for The Early Show on CBS with Hannah Storm (yes, she really does love to cook and eat). Take a peek at some seasonal episodes:

5-Minute Cooking School: All About Pumpkins

5-Minute Cooking School: Brined Turkey

Want more?

And a few extra tips…just in case you’re wondering…

Sushi Secrets

Balsamic Vinegar: Umpteen Uses