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All year long, people text/email/dm/tell me in person that they want to write a cookbook and to let them know when I’m teaching my next class on how to do it. Every year I try to remember who they are, but I never can, so here’s the official announcement:

My annual course on How to Write a Cookbook starts June 23 through Stanford Continuing Studies. It’s online so you can tune in from anywhere. It runs for 8 weeks on Thursdays evenings and I have great guest speakers lined up, including Michelle Tam of @nomnompaleo and Kate Leahy of @everything cookbooks. We will cover everything from how to know if a recipe is yours to publish to what it takes to sell and promote a cookbook these days.

If you are interested, sign up here. If anyone you know would be interested, forward this link to them asap (there are only 8 spots left).

If you could care less about writing a cookbook and just want to eat good food from one, hop over to Lidia Bastianich’s site and try her Tomato & Zucchini Bread Lasagna. It’s a genius shortcut to a tomatoey, cheesey layered dish that is the best thing I’ve eaten this month.